Financial Benefits

Investing in Stryker Patient Handling equipment is more than a capital investment – it’s an investment in the well-being of your caregivers and patients.

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We understand that efficient patient throughput is a key to financial success. Fully functioning equipment helps maximise the number of patients that your facility can efficiently and effectively treat while helping to minimise caregiver injuries, all of which can have a positive impact on your facility’s bottom line. 

Our local Account Managers will partner with your departments to conduct a complete assessment, evaluating the age and condition of your equipment at no charge. You will receive an overview of the assessment, including maintenance and repair recommendations and upkeep to help you ensure that your equipment is being properly maintained to minimise downtime.

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Patient satisfaction and prevention of never events are top priorities for every facility in healthcare today; scores and outcomes in these areas are tied to reimbursements. 

Facilities need to invest today if they are going to thrive in the future. Stryker offers the Flex Financial programme to help you work with current budgets, and offers a financial solution to help ensure that equipment in use today meets current demands and future goals.

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